Need help creating your website content? It is a good idea to create a written plan outlining what each page should contain, so that you won’t forget anything, or repeat any information. When thinking about your content, make a list of the types of words and phrases you think people would use when searching for your business online – then incorporate these words into your content.

Our WordPress Websites include basic graphic design work – for more advanced graphic design we have a number of designers we could recommend, at additional cost. Royalty free stock images can be purchased for use on your website, and for inexpensive fast logos we recommend The Logo Company.


Website Content Tips

Home Page

This is the first page of the site, and needs to create that “first impression” for your potential customers. It should provide general information about the products or services your business provides, and an overview of what information can be found on your website.

Products and Services

Provide as much detail as possible about the products or services your business offers. Remember – in many instances this website will be replacing a printed brochure. Potential customers don’t want to have to call you for further information – they want it now! If you have many different products or services, this section of the website can be broken up into multiple pages.


As they say, “ a picture tells a thousand words”. Make sure you supply professional looking images for your website.


If possible, include the prices of your products and services. Again, potential customers are looking for information now.

Customer Testimonials

Reviews provide credibility, and improve your “word of mouth” referral trade. They are very powering tools to help strengthen your brand, and improve your online reputation.

Media Information

If you have had reviews on your product or service in magazines, newspapers or online, make sure to include this on your website.

About Us

It is a good idea to include information detailing who you are, and why people should buy from your business. You may also like to list your opening hours, if applicable.

Other Information

You may also like to include information such as delivery fees, privacy policy, return/refund policy, and anything else appropriate to your business.


By exchanging links with other websites that share a common theme with your business, you assist search engines such as Google to identify your website and raise its ranking. Google assumes that if websites it has already ranked highly link to your site, your website must be of value and the search engines will rank it higher. Rather than having a ‘Link’ page, try to work references to other complimentary businesses into the text on your page.

Social Media Links

Does your business have a Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, LinkIn, TripAdvisor, Flickr, an online booking system, or any other type of social media avenue? These can all be integrated into your website.

Contact Information

Make sure people looking through your website can easily see how to contact you. You should have a separate page detailing your business name, physical address, mailing address, telephone, fax and email. Make sure that if you are going to advertise an email address it is checked regularly.

Page Title

This should include your business name and a brief description of what products or services you provide, or maybe where you are located. This will display across the top of the browser window when visitors view your website, and on the Search Engine Results Page.

Meta Description

This is a more detailed description of your business, and should be no longer than 150 characters. This description will display on the Search Engine Results Page.

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